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My life with Schnauzers started out with a black giant schnauzer male Ary . Year after Ary we bought black giant schnauzer female Emily. Two of them are responsible for my passion to the Schnauzers.

Ary was not suitable for showing but that never stop my family and me to love him. For full 15 years he bring us joy and happiness. He left us on October 25, 2007.
Emily came into my life in 1994 and opened my heart for showing and breeding. Her great and noble heart, intelligence, fearlessness, probity take my heart forever and unlock the pathway into the schnauzers world.

Emily was my friend, my Lady. Her great temper and nobility put her 14 times on the top from 16 shows she attended. Emily had only one litter. Unfortunately I do not have any of Emily’s progeny. Year after the litter she become very sick and more breeding would make her life shorter, so we decided not to breed her again. Every day of her life over medical prognosis made me happy.
I miss my Emily so much, she left me on December 21, 2002.

Few days before Emily left me my Marko bought a little dragon , that we call “Lilly“ . Her name is Vranolujna Sienne, she is born 17.10.2002.

Emily & Ary

 Emily & Ary

At that time I was just a young girl and very proud with my two giant dogs. I did not think a lot about miniature schnauzers, but in 1997 my brother  brought home a beautiful female puppy miniature schnauzer black&silver Happy Diamond Sebastian Hogar – “Beca“.

Thanks to Beca and her happy, jolly, but serious temperament in right moments I adored miniature schnauzers. She is really a giant dog in the small package. From the time she came into my life I doing everything I can to improve and represent miniature black&silver in Serbia and in near by countries. Beca had four litters and her offspring’s are international and national champions: BorisMimmy MayflowerMarascino Mickey, Max MagnusNightflower Ninny

After Beca’s second litter we decided to register a kennel. Now, we are proud owners of kennel House Kazak.After fourth litter out of Beca she was for a long time in deserved retirement, spending time with my family in our home. Her two girls, Mimmy & Ninny, become Beca’s proper heiress… Beca left us 17.01.2011. For my Beca, my heart and joy:

In life I loved you dearly ,
In death I love you still.
In my heart you hold a place
No one could ever fill

If tears coudl build a starway,
And heartache make a lane
I’d walk the path to heaven,
And bring you home again.

With us is first Mimmy’s female offspring, Sunflower “Sunny“ and second female offspring Unique Flower. We are very proud with Sunflower “Sunny’ , she won Best of Breed title on the first show in Junior class ahead of her father Express Man Rezlark and she won 3rd place at World Dog Show Poznan Poland .

And after in co-operation with our dear friends and family our schnauzer family become larger . More about our young dogs you can find on our web pages –Silver Rainbow Calypso “Tea“House Kazak Fedora “Dora“ , House Kazak Lucky Flower “Lulu“, House Kazak Delphy “Dara“, House Kazak Calla “Kala“ .

Our dogs are exhibited all over the Europe, and on all important Dog Shows in neighboring countries.

We don’t have much puppies per year. We are not a “puppy factory“, and all our dogs are, most of all, our pets who live in family apartments or houses as equal family members. All our puppies are born and live in houses where they already acquire primary upbringing.  Our puppies are for the people and families who think alike.

Due to a bad experience with a breeder from Alpharetta, Georgia, we require a deposit for puppy reservation, particularly for the puppies who need export documentation and export pedigree.

Our goal is development of the breed in Serbia .

Everything we do is done for the purpose of further development of the breed.  That’s why we imported stud males. They are, already proven show quality and stud dogs Express Man RezlarkVital Vis a VisLittle Boy Vis a Vis and new boy in the team Chelines Lucky France .

We will introduce our boys to you in more details because of the generally known “boys are looking for a girls“ :

Express Man Rezlark ( “Oskar“ ) is a male imported from Czech Republic. He is born on October 01, 2003. In his pedigree he has the best European and American Show dogs, who proved themselves not only as Show Dogs but as excelent stud dogs as well. This means that their descendants continued to conquer the most prestigeous European and World Dog Shows. Judged both by his origin and looks, Express Man is a combination of German and American type. He represents the aspirations of nowdays breeding, something what is strived for in breeding of nowdays Miniature Schnauzers, and, therefore, he belongs to the type that Kennel “House Kazak“ gravitates toward. Out of American blood lines Express Man inherited elegancy, firmness and good body structure, and excellent head. Out of European blood lines he got excellent angulation, coat, color and pigmentation, and most of all excelent and stable temperament. His first dog show was European in Barcelona. He made his debut in 6-9 months class, and among 14 superb dogs, this, at that time 8 month-old dog, became “Puppy BOB“ and got a title “ EUROPEAN HOPE 2004 “. Express Man, as five-year old now, has avery successful dog show career. So far, he was judged by: Ilona Onsteck-Schenk (NL), Ivan Dimitrov (BG), Ratibor Cekic (SCg), Borivoje Joksimovic (SCG), Nenad Maric (SCG), Elke Ahrendts (D), Umberto Usmiani (I), Margit Brenner (A), Štefan Šinko ( SLk), Zoran Brankovic (SCG), Alfonso Thovar (E), Zoran Curcic (SCG), Eva Vadocz (H), Christine Rossier (CH) , Zivojin Stevanovic (SCG) , Andrzej Kazmierski (PL) , Lisbeth Mach (CH), Agnes Ganami Kertes (IL), Srecko Kukic (CRO), Rade Pajic (BIH), Refet Hadzic (BIH), Jan Liet (NL), Elisabeth Feuz (D), Milan Maletin (SCG),Tamas Jakell (H), Luis Pinto Teixeira (P), Peter E. Berchtold (A), Peter van Montfoort (NL), Niksa Lemo (CRO), Steffi Kirschbichler (A), Miodrag Vreteničić (SCG), Andov Todorov(BG), Nebojsa Nedeljkovic (SCG), Milovoje Urosevic (SCG), Vidak Lajos (H), Kocsis Sandor (H), Tibor Gere (SCG), Kamen Litov (BG), Andras Polgar (CZ), Calin Margineanu (RO), Luis Pinto Teixeira (P), Monique van Brempt (B), Gisa and Walter Schicker (D), M. Krstic Arbanas (Cro), Hans Wiblishauser (D), Wilfried Peper (D), Giovanni Pentenero (I), Zeljka Fon (SLO), Joao Pocas Vasco (P), Alexey Belkin (RUS), Beata Petkevica (Litvania), Laslo Salov (SRB), Krystina Opara ( PL ), Pedro Bispo , E. Wieldraijer ( Hol ), Javier Sanchez Fernandes ( E ), Evgeny Rosenberg (RUS), Salvador Janeiro (P),Hans vd Berg (NL), Nemanja Jovanovic (SRB) …

At Schnauzer-Pincher Club Show of Serbia and Montenegro 2004, Express Man was Junior Club Winner and BOB, under judge from Germany, Ms Elke Arhends. At Schnauzer-Pincher Club Show of Serbia and Montenegro 2005, judged by Mr Jan Liet from Holland, Express Man was Club Winner, and at Schnauzer-Pincher Club Show of Romania 2005, Express Man was Club Winner and BOB under Ms Eva Vadocs from Hungary.

In 2006 on the Romanian and Serbian Club Shows Express Man again was successful . He become Romanian Club Winner and BOB 2006, judges were Calin Margineanu (RO) and Elke Ahrendts (D) and he become Serbian Club Winner and BOB 2006, judges were Gisa and Walter Schicker from Germany . In the same show Express Man Rezlark with his daugther House Kazak Sunflower become BEST BREEDING PAIR and with other dogs BEST GROUP and group of his progeny become – BEST PROGENY .

At Schnauzer-Pincher Club Show of Serbia 2007, Express Man was Club Winner, BOB and BIS, under judge from Italy, Mr Giovanni Pentenero. In the same show Express Man Rezlark for the second time with House Kazak Sunflower become BEST BREEDING PAIR and with group of his progeny become – BEST PROGENY.

At ISPU show in Moscow, Russia , Express Man Rezlark in champion class was V1, CH RUS, ISPU Class Winner, CR ISPU, under judge E. Wieldraijer from Holland, at ISPU show there was entered 62 miniature schnauzers black & silver , champion class 9 males .

At Schnauzer-Pincher Club Show of Russia 2008, Express Man was V1, Class Winner, CR ISPU, BOB, Club Winner, RPSK Club Champion , under judge Javier Sanchez Fernandes (E) from Spain .

With fourth CR ISPU ( Dortmund, Kragujevac, 2x Moscow ) – Express Man – ISPU Champion !

Oskar’s best result is : EURO DOG SHOW 2007 Zagreb Croatia – 10.06.2007. judge Andrzej Kazmierski (PL) Express Man Rezlark – EUROPEAN WINNER 2007, CACIB, CAC .

Oskar titles :

European Champion 2007
European Puppy Champion 2004
International Champion
ISPU Champion
Junior Champion of Serbia and Montenegro
Junior Champion of Croatia
Champion of Serbia and Montenegro
Champion of Croatia
Champion of Slovenia
Champion of Bulgaria
Champion of Romania
Candidate for: Champion of Hungary
Serbian Junior Club Winner and BOB 2004
Serbian Club Winner 2005
Romanian Club Winner and BOB 2005
Romanian Club Winner and BOB 2006
Serbian Club Winner and BOB 2006
Serbian Club Winner, BOB and BIS 2007
RUSSIAN Club Winner and BOB 2008
RPSK Club Champion 2008
Club Winner Roma ITALY 2008

7xPRM(Junior Winner), 55xCAC, 33xCACIB, 47xBOB, 1xJun.BOG1, 1x BOG3, 4xR.BOG , 7xBOG1,
1xBIS3, 3xR.BIS, 3xBIS

Express Man Rezlark

Vital Vis a Vis ( “Toto“ )  is a male imported from Poland. He is born on November 07, 2005. Many thanks to Katja Pustovrh and her family for all the help we needed during the trip of this precious boy to us. In his pedigree there are dogs who, we hope, will bring a new quality to our dogs. Our choice fell on him because he “gets along“ with Oskar’s descendants. His father is A Lover’s Rampage Vis a Vis , and mother Intro Stazel .

He is 3,5 years old now. So far, he was judged by: Nebojsa Nedeljkovic (SCG), Kamen Litov (BG), Andras Polgar (CZ), Gisa and Walter Schicker (D), Aleksandar Mitrovic (SRB), Patricia Nemirovsky-Alsina ( Arg ), Gorica Nesic (SRB), M. Krstic Arbanas (Cro), Nenad Maric (SRB), Hans Wiblishauser (D), Ljubisa Nikolic (SRB), Giovanni Pentenero (I), Zoran Curcic(SRB), Andrzej Kazmierski (PL), Miodrag Vreteničić (CG), Saso Pesev (MK), Milan Jovanovic (SRB), Nenad Davidovic (SRB), Eva Vadocz (H), Pal Paroci (SRB), Srecko Kukic (CRO), Ljubisa Nikolic (SRB), Joao Pocas Vasco (P), Alexey Belkin (RUS), Beata Petkevica (Litvania), Laslo Salov (SRB), Krystina Opara ( PL ), Pedro Bispo ( P ), Nikitin Aleksandar Vladimirovic (RUS ), Olga Serica ( MOL ), Zeljka Fon- Zidar( SLO ), Evgeny Erusalimskiy (RUS), Laszlo Papp (RO), Rozsa Zsofia Varszegi (HUN), Javier Sanchez Fernandes ( E ), Hans vd Berg (NL), Nemanja Jovanovic (SRB), Jadran Franceschi (CRO), Tomasz Borkowski (PL), Niksa Lemo (CRO), Adrian Landarte ( URY )…

Toto’s best show result is : EURO DOG SHOW 2007 Zagreb Croatia – 10.06.2007. judge Andrzej Kazmierski (PL) – Vital Vis a Vis – R.CAC, V2

Toto titles:

International Champion
Junior Champion of Serbia and Montenegro
Champion of Serbia
Champion of Croatia
Champion of Macedonia
Champion of Bulgaria
Candidate for: Champion of Hungary and Slovenia

3x Best puppy , 3x Baby BIS, 5xPRM, 5xBest Junior, 16 xBOB, 27xCAC, 11xCACIB

1xJ.BOG I, 2xR.BOG, 1xBOG I

Zagreb Junior Winner 06, Zagreb Winner ’07 ’08, Central Eastern European Winner’08

Vital Vis a Vis

Little Boy Vis a Vis ( “Sato“ )  is a male imported from Poland, from kennel Vis a Vis. He is born on January 20, 2009. His father is Repitition’s Life of Crime and mother is Ayala Vis a Vis . Sato is dear little boy, very fast conquered my hear with his great temperament.

Sato titles :

6 x Best puppy,6x PRM, 6xJ.BOB, 8xCAC, 2xR.CAC, 6xCACIB, 1x R.CACIB, 8xBOB, Baby RBIS, Baby BIS3

World Puppy Winner 2009
World Dog Show 2010 Herning Denmark -V2 – 2nd place
Euro Dog Show Celje Slovenia 2010 – V4 – 4th place
Zagreb Winner ’10
Junior Champion of Croatia
Junior Champion of Serbia

Little Boy Vis a Vis>

And new boys in our team are :

Chelines Lucky French

Chelines Lucky France


House Kazak Faraday

House Kazak Faraday

I would like to thank all people who helped us, and are willing to cooperate in fulfilling our beautiful dream.

Thanks to everyone who visited our pages and had a time to read “About us“.

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